For Creators

Gremlin Creative thrives on the power of storytelling, and the wonderful, hard-working, imaginative, classy, dynamic, inspiring, passionate, beautiful, smart, powerful, strong, adventurous, ambitious, people who are bravely mad enough to make a thing.

We want to do our best to ensure those creators are taken care of. While in our infancy, here are some things we are offering those who submit to Gremling Creative.

Compensation: At this moment, we are unable to pay creators for having published work on Gremlin Creative. This will, without a doubt, change in the future as the website garners a bigger following and expands its premium services. We are working on a number of ways to bring in revenue to compensate the brilliant artists and storytellers who contribute to Gremlin Creative.

For the time being, publication with Gremlin Creative includes the opportunity to promote your work of fiction, and connect with other storytellers. All work will have a link to the creator’s profile in the byline, which contains information such as a biography, and links to blogs, websites, and/or social media channels.

Submissions: There is no submission fee to Gremlin Creative, nor do we charge a fee if it is published. A submission does not guarantee you publishing on Gremlin Creative. By submitting to Gremlin Creative, you guarantee that you are the owner of the copyright to that work. We also do not require a transfer of copyright. All we ask is that no other literary, publish, or production company holds exclusive rights to your work. For more information about submissions, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Exclusivity: By submitting to us you agree to grant Gremlin Creative a non-exclusive right to publish your work, allowing you to publish in other journals, magazines, festivals, etc. If accepted, we also reserve the non-exclusive right to publish your work in our newsletter, as well as in digital and print collections.

Questions: If you have any other questions about your rights on Gremlin Creative, please send an email to

Ready to submit? Click here.

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