To Wake Nevermore

by Linda M. Crate

in the empty darkness
my light will burn straight through
you will not strike me down forever
i will always rise
because i am a magic, a power, a force
you’ve never known;
my garments of mercy, honesty, loyalty,
compassion, and dreams
will break straight through every nightmare
i am done being a punching bag—
maybe i’m strange,
but everyone worth knowing has a touch of madness
if not more so don’t think i’ll pause when you
call me weird;
i think it a bigger insult
to be normal whatever the hell that is—
i am who i am
will make no apology for that
all the monsters made me stronger,
but now it’s time for them to
stay away;
when i am done every nightmare will perish
every single one in death’s sleep
to wake

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