Ruin Me

by Arlene Antoinette

Your words of love
ruin me. Your caresses
negate my hate.  My anger,
your kisses wash away.
Your love gives hope,
breathes life into my dreams.

You ruin me with words
that can manipulate
my fate. With a smile that alleviates
my fears. Your wisdom easily
guide my wayward steps.

Be mindful of what you say to me.
Your brilliance may lead me
away from my destructive destiny.
Don’t plant a seed of hope in my heart
it will not grow. The ground is no
longer fertile, it can no longer be sown.

You play god in my little world,
but you are not god. If I accept
your love it will heal me. I
don’t want to be healed.

Like a fever, allow my life
to run its course don’t intercede.
Let it burn; let me burn.
I can’t allow the flames to be
put out just yet. Some broken things
are meant to be.

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