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No More Coffee Blues

by Jake Cosmos Aller I love coffee Always have And coffee has loved me back But lately, I have soured on her Soured on the whole coffee scene On the harshness of the morning brew And the promises it makes As I sip of its nectar Drawn into its lair Drinking drop by drop As the caffeine takes over Rewriting

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Ruin Me

by Arlene Antoinette Your words of love ruin me. Your caresses negate my hate.  My anger, your kisses wash away. Your love gives hope, breathes life into my dreams. You ruin me with words that can manipulate my fate. With a smile that alleviates my fears. Your wisdom easily guide my wayward steps. Be mindful of what you say to

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Ode to Coffee

by Jake “Cosmos” Aller – Mistress of sacred love Sacred lady of desire You start my day Setting my heart on fire With your dark delicious flavor And throughout the day Whenever the mean old blues come by You chase them away With your bittersweet ambrosial brew Every time I inhale your witches’ brew

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Candles on Her Grave

by Basanti Timalsina Like every year this year too I am travelling miles. With a heavy heart, a dark numbness, and a blurring memory that I try hard to keep from fading. This is a deserted place In some unnamed grassland away from human dwelling. This place has seen me growing old as I greet it every spring. But it

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